I finally put my finger on it

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About why he felt so dang creepy. First of all, I had my date rape experience that has made me hyper aware of anything that feels off. My intuition was on high alert with this dude.

But why? Everyone in his little town seemed to like him. Or did they? A friend told me to watch out for him, which made me even MORE vigilant.

After spending a bit of time with him, I started pulling away. Seriously, Paula, WTF? He was well groomed, had all his teeth, and a car (Taos people, you will totally GET this!), and somewhat spiritual. However, a pretty significant situation arose that showed me that he has not done some major work on himself.

He was pouty. And sullen. And clingy. Not a sign of someone who has done his work.

I could/should have put him out of my mind, but something was niggling at my brain. WHY??

I went to Sundance Ceremony and prayed hard for four days. I was rewarded with hyper-intuition (I’m a Cancer, and we are the most intuitive of the zodiac, but this sort of intuition I had never felt before.) Time and time again, I would think something, and it would be confirmed almost immediately.

All of a sudden, I got a clear picture of this guy being very dark. He talks about love, but, you never really feel like it is real. He is starting to get a lot of followers. He wants to start teaching. And give certificates when you pass his class of authenticity. WTF? AGAIN!!!


Super ICK.

We need to rely on our own intuition so that, now more than ever, we do not fall prey to the dark forces that are feeling threatened by the rising of the light. We must be hyper vigilant about people who claim to know OUR truth, because no one knows who we are, better than ourselves.

The darkness is stepping up its game, and so, we need to also. Always be aware of what doesn’t feel authentic (and those that state that they can give you a certificate to be “more than you are”).

People like this are scary. They are scary because they believe what they teach. They are charismatic. They can convince you that they have something that you don’t have.

Trust me when I say, you have everything you need inside of you. Don’t fall prey to these charlatans. Rely, instead, on your own inner knowing.

Please, don’t drink the Koolaid.

May We Walk Together As One.


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