Crazy times, call for Crazy measures

And I am pretty sure that I am crazy enough to try them. AND, I have received so much “go-for it” guidance about this (and questioned incessantly), that I am finally ready.

I LOVE creating – whether it be painting, writing, cooking, my yard or my home. It’s like crack to me. (Although, I really don’t know what crack is like, so, there’s that!)

I have such a plethora of channeled paintings, that I have made a conscious decision to do something totally out of the box.

I am going to start posting on Facebook (and possibly Pinterest) all of my available paintings.

But, here is the catch….

(Are ya ready?)

I’m not going to be posting prices. Instead, these paintings will be “Make a REASONABLE offer”. (Plus shipping, of course!)

I know that my paintings carry certain energies that are essential to changing the vibration in the world today. And, I want to make them available to those that they speak to.

Unconventional? You bet!!!!

I’ve always said that $100 to some people is like $1000 to another. But, it’s so important to me right now, with the chaos going on on our planet, that these paintings help shift the vibration.

Sounds crazy, huh?

It did to me too when my guides first said that this is what I am to do. Lord God, I argued a lot with them. “But, this is not how it’s done!!” “We know”, they replied, “But, crazy times call for crazy measures. You are committed to your path, are you not?”


“Yes”….said slightly above a whisper.

“Then it’s time. I know you want signs, and so we will give them to you.”

And they came. Confirmation signs. One after the other.

Well, dayum. And sheet fahr.

So…Here is the scoop….I will start posting links on Facebook to an album with the paintings that are available. Message me AS SOON AS YOU CAN, because I have a feeling that these will go quickly.

People need art created from another one’s soul. It’s that simple. And, I’m in a position to make my art affordable right now.

Here are a few links that I have completed right now. There will be more added as the day progresses (if I can get myself together!!!) Make sure and check back often, as I am adding more all the time to the existing folders. Nudes Abstracts Shamanic Angels Paper Pieces Animals

Click on the name of the album (Animals, Angels, Abstracts etc) if you are using a phone….

May We Truly Walk Together As One.


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