Crazy times (which is an under-freaking-statement)

I know you’ve been seeing a change in my posts lately… I’ve always been very transparent. Since Christmas day, I’ve been in a quandary.  My biggest fear – being thought of as crazy, and losing friends was/is finally going to have to be faced.

But, I digress.

Something about the bombing in Nashville instantly hit me as fishy.  So, I started down rabbit holes.  One thing led to another, and a sweet friend helped me navigate.  Then, I started reaching out to friends on Facebook that, quite honestly, I had had to block because I didn’t like the way they thought. I was met with total and complete love and compassion and offers to answer any questions that I had.

What I found down the rabbit holes blew me away. I felt inside outside upside down.  You all know me, and how strong my intuition is, and it has never steered me wrong.  It’s only when I DON’T listen to it, do I find myself in a messy, crappy, but profound, lesson.  Today, when I listened to Lorie Ladd’s video about whether or not Trump is a Lightworker (click here) that she posted in August, that was INCREDIBLY HARD for her to do… everything clicked.  Even though I listened to her frequently and what she had to say EVERY TIME brought me peace, I just could not listen to what she had to say at the moment.

The deep darkness that threatens our world, is so close to being overthrown.  So close.  Millions of people every day starting to wake up from a weird bizarre slumber…waking up in two world’s, and neither one feels totally right.   

For days I went back and forth… yes, no, yes yes, no, HELL NO, and then YASSSSSSSS.  I knew when he was elected that something was fixing to go DOWN HARD.  After he was elected, the blinders went on, even though deep down inside, I knew we needed him.  But, Jesus Fucking Christ… seriously?  I could not see it.  Until Christmas day.  

This reminds me of when I started on my spiritual journey – for those of you who have gone on a spiritual journey, you know exactly what I am talking about. You just can’t unknow what you know. And, as hard as it is, being authentic, from integrity, and transparent AND MOST IMPORTANT, trusting my intuition is my first and foremost thing I am being pushed from my guides to do.

I know I will lose friends, there will be sadness in my heart for the loss, but, I have to do this.  I may appear crazy, but, back to the intuition thing.  

However, there will be delightful surprises.. and there already have been. Many have opened up their arms to me as I navigate this precarious situation.

This feeling of overwhelming peace has overtaken my life (as long as I can stay above the drama – which is a huge lesson for me also).   It’s totally indescribable.  

This uncommon courage that I am finding is allowing me to say – I feel differently than that. Than what and how the majority of my friends are telling me I “should” feel.

I’m becoming sovereign.

We are all playing our parts.  There is no right or wrong. No part is more or less important.  We are changing consciousness… together.  

It’s time.

All of this unrest and divisiveness is serving a bigger purpose.

I’m not telling anyone that they are wrong, and I am right. On the contrary, we all have to do our own journey, and face our own darkness right now. And I honor all paths….. Please do your own research. Ask questions. Don’t believe everything you read or are told. Or not. You are a sovereign being also.

Because, ultimately, we all want the same thing, which is Peace. Love. Harmony. Compassion.

May We Walk Together as One

PS…I know this will trigger many of you…please be cognizant of what you may post….As I have stated, this is hard for me to do, but, my guides are extremely insistent.


11 Responses to Crazy times (which is an under-freaking-statement)

  1. Totally agree.

    I’m so glad for those bold enough to stand.

    Have eyes to see,
    Ears to hear,
    A mind to understand.

  2. I think you would really enjoy the book Radical Forgiveness. This is no gloss everything over to forgive others and ourselves. It lays out how we as individuals and the collective create in our realities the very people, places, etc for our spiritual growth. So from this perspective there are no victims. It is a profound paradigm shift in consciousness. You are right where you are supposed to be in life. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  3. Congratulations, Paula. Thank you for your courage to research, assess, and discover what is true, directly for yourself! I too woke up to so much insider intel, I can no longer fit myself into the tiny boxes of deception, flatten the curve on human originality, choice and will, nor enslavement campaigns to control and dominate the human mind and experience. It’s not personal. To me it’s a battle between and a choice between Freedom and Tyranny. I too hated Trump, and followed Liberal Democrat leanings throughout my life. I walked away from all of that, somewhere around April 2020. I was encouraged from within by my intuition, and by many, worldwide, who see through the dangerous propaganda and control campaigns. I’ve been very outgoing, and vocal, on-line, as some friends distance themselves from me, and my beliefs. Today I have only to ask, “do I support living under a state of Communist domination and enslavement, or did I come here to safeguard, and allow freedom? I know the answer for myself. In fact I see the global push towards TransHumanism, where the Ronna vaccine, would be used against us, in ways that feel like rape, and shackle, all in one. We’ve been divided, in a huge divide and conquer campaign. I see the lies, manipulation, dark hate campaigns, and scapegoating against our President, President Donald J. Trump. I see narcissistic abuse, hatred, blaming, shaming, policing, and self hatred against those of us who align with Donald Trump. Grateful you are seeing through the lies. You are sane. It’s the covert war, manipulation tactics, and well covered up abuses of the predatory criminals in so many American systems, that we are eager to expose, and clean up! Thank you for joining our alliance. The best is yet to come!

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