Heal the world

Many of us came here from the stars….Each having a specific “job” to do to help heal humanity.

Yesterday, I was guided to paint something I might normally not paint. Star people. I sat in meditation for the majority of the day to receive the message. The download that I received from this painting was very direct.


What ever it takes for YOU to stay out of fear…DO IT!!!

So much going on, on this experiment called EARTH that you all were so EXCITED to volunteer for. And, bless your hearts, (we DO mean that in the Southern way!), you all are so bombarded with the one thing that the dark ones count on to control you, and make this experiment fail – FEAR!!!!! (We say, Bless your hearts, because WE know that you really know down deep, that this is why you came here this lifetime….This is the crescendo, the climax, the coup de gras!!!!!)


First, it was that “man”, (we use that term very loosely, because we kinda get your sense of humor), that was elected to the head of the US. And then, it went to HIS head, all ego, and, well, we know that was enough to send a large majority of you all to the precipice of doubt and frustration. And, yet, you continue to AMAZE us with your tenacity.

A very large majority of you see the bigger picture, and you are doing according to what your intuition is guiding you to do.

Everything is going as planned.

Because there is such division at this time, and so much ancestral, and this world, wounding, it is causing millions a day to question why…You all are waking up at a rapidity that astonishes us. Your resilience continues to weave that cocoon of golden light around your planet, that even we, can see why you love it so much.

Every time we watch you sigh at a sunset, or dip your feet in a cold, running stream, we are jealous, and yet, at the same time happy, because, we feel you.

And then, BOOM, y’all, bless your hearts, (this time we sincerely mean it!), you get hit with the reality of a pandemic.

You can’t rely, truly, on any news sources, because they are so biased.

And so the fear rises, in some. (#justaslightnotch)

For those who are in fear, do what you need to do to alleviate that fear. If it is stocking up on toilet paper, and rice and beans, then DO IT!! If it is to have plans to self-isolate, and having enough food (and toilet paper!!!), and supplies for HOWEVER LONG you decide to self isolate, then DO IT!!! What’s the worst thing that could happen – you get a SHIT TON of meditation time, creative time, quiet time, thinking time…and is that such a bad thing?

For those of you who shame ANYBODY for doing what they need to do to stay out of fear – STOP IT!!! You all have so many lifetimes, plus ancestral wounding. BE COMPASSIONATE!!!



May you walk together as one, we know you are doing it….we are watching and cheering from the sidelines, and giving you as many signs as we can, but, you must ask….remember, we are always with you.

Well, I guess they told us!!!

Told ya it was powerful…

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