I found them!


Or, actually they found me. Or maybe it was just GUS (God, Universe, Spirit) at work…My tiospaye….My Family…. In the Lakota culture, the word tiospaye encompasses the conviction that family is not only made up of immediate blood relatives, but also extends to all those within their tribal clan.

It was so synchronistic, that I have to believe that a much higher power was at work…Thank you GUS.

I’ll digress a bit.

I moved to Arkansas eight years ago. (Has it REALLY been THAT long?) I’ve never made much of an attempt to find “family”, (Although I have been abundantly blessed by the organic unfolding of wonderful friendships here) because I always felt as though I would eventually return to Taos.

This fall, because of a seriously orchestrated event by GUS, the majority of my ties to Taos were severed.

I floundered. Once again, seeking and searching for answers.

I knew that I “knew” the reasons, but, as per my usual, I didn’t quite trust my own intuition, and fortuitously, a high vibration friend recommended a reader. “She’s the real deal”, were the words out of her mouth.

She stated to me what I already knew…which was/is that it’s time for me to ground here in Arkansas (which is why I feel like I have been painting landscapes). That, although I talk the talk, and sometimes walk it, it is time to, basically, shit or get off the pot. She told me that I was just kinda half-assing it, because of my fears. That I needed to open up more, and allow the energy of the crystals here to guide me. I need to stop just being on the fringes.


How in the hell do I do that here?

I reached out….A friend who lives here in Arkansas said, I had a dream about you last night. I knew you were ready. We are having a sweat close to you this Saturday.

It really doesn’t take much once I set an intention.

The people there were family. My tiospaye.

So, did they find me, or did I find them? Or did it all just unfold exactly as it was meant to?

All I know is that it happened.

My life is getting ready to change….again….still….I’m not good at letting the grass grow under my feet.

I won’t be on the fringes anymore. If you thought I was woo-woo before, I have a feeling that you might just consider me certifiable in the future.. And, you know what? I’m good with that. I’m not meant to follow. I have a bit of fear, but, planning on letting GUS lead me where I am to go.

May We Walk Together As One.


PS….I’m doing another sweat this weekend….I told you it doesn’t take me much time, once I set an intention.

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  1. Before you flit away to the “wherever” I would like to buy you tea or coffee. I really would like to meet you face to face one day soon.

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