If I could turn back time….

60sfampic…..I would have hugged them more.   I would have told them I loved them more…..I would have talked with them more, about their dreams, their lives, the biggest highlights of their lives,  and who they were.

Nine years ago….I lost my father…..I held his hand as he crossed…..and before he decided to make the journey forward….he turned to me, held my hands, and told me to always be happy.   Such a simple statement with such far reaching effects.   And, I must admit, it started the journey of my life.

The further I get along my path….the more I see the inner-connectedness of all.   My mother and I had a strained relationship at best…..And yet today, right now at this very moment….I miss her terribly.  And, am so grateful for all of the incredible life’s lessons she taught me.   If she were here, I would hug and kiss her, and tell her that because of her, I am the strong woman I am today.   I have been able to navigate a divorce after 25 years of marriage, move to Taos, NM, after living in Kansas all of my life, move to Eureka Springs, AR,  and now getting ready to navigate a move to Bentonville, AR to be closer to my daughter and son-in-law so that I can help with baby(ies).  I am driven to be a successful artist because of her…..

Such inner-connectedness…..the beautiful web of life becomes more complex and beautiful shining in the first light of morning with silver tendrils of dew dripping off it.

See what you must when it comes to relationships….But know that the hardest ones that you have are your biggest lessons.  Try to go to the place of compassion and see the discord for what it is….a learning opportunity.

And DON’T forget to kiss, hug and say “I LOVE YOU”.





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