So, I’ll have to say I love her….In a Blog….

dumdideeEver make a mistake (or have a life lesson as I prefer to call them), or go through a situation where it appears to be one way, when in actuality it is NOT at all what it appears to be?   And, you make a judgement call, or listen to what someone else has to say about the situation (NOT a good idea – always listen to YOUR intuition!), and make decisions based on what that person has to say?

And then find out all along that you SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO YOUR OWN DAMN INTUITION? And then, regret your decision?   Or wish you could go back and do “do-overs”?  Because the person you choose to listen to is GOOD at manipulation….I mean really, really good?   What I mean is that the person that you listened to has NO integrity, is coming from fear, and could get an award for their ability to get you to believe that eskimos need to buy ice?

And you WANT to believe them, because of your own fear, or damage, or karma or whatever.

AND THEN….You find out the truth.   You get hit with a boulder, because you ignored all of the other signs from spirit (ie, sand-kicking first, then pebble throwing, then a rock comes at you and you dodge IT, only to have the boulder roll down the hill and hit you SPLAT while you are dodging the rock!).

It happens.   All the time.  To all of us.   If you say it hasn’t, I’m calling bull shit.

And then, you want to go about making it all better, but you are not quite sure how?

Well, that’s where I find myself.   First of all….I have to forgive myself for not learning my lesson in a timely manner.   I have run the risk of losing the best friend I have ever had.   She’s fun, she’s dorky, she’s talented, she’s beautiful, she’s intelligent….   And I may very well have lost her as a friend.

I would do almost anything to turn back the hands of time, and redo everything.   But, I can’t….yet.

And so, I will do what I can…which is say…I’m sorry. I’m sorry I believed the wrong person.  I’m sorry I didn’t trust my intuition.  I’m just sorry.

It was a big lesson for me….and I hope I learned it well….because those damn boulders rolling over me are hard to recover from, and I don’t want to repeat that AGAIN!!!

So…I’ll have to say, I love her….in a blog…



ps….The cow painting is for her….  she loves my cows!!!

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