Yesterday was one of “Those” days….

singlewhiteflower….”Those” sort of counterproductive woe-is-me days.   I was in my head…overthinking and over-rationalizing who I was days.   And then….it spiraled down from there.   Those sort of “OMG, Paula, you will NEVER amount to anything sort of days”.   Okay…you get the picture.

Hadn’t had one of those for a long time.   And, I went with it.  Kindof.  Fighting and kicking and screaming all the time.   After all, haven’t I worked with some of the most wonderful mind-set coaches to help me find my tools to get out of those days?   Yup – certainly have!!!

And this morning, I made a conscious effort to drop back down into my heart, and quiet my monkey mind.

I made coffee – went outside and started the water and observed nature.   The robins were so pleased to have water so that they could find worms.  The cardinals, and nut hatches were playing in the water.  And, I noticed ONE WHITE FLOWER amidst a ton of green.  On the other side of the yard – a plethora of white flowers.  But, what drew my eye the most was the single gorgeous white flower.

Because, that flower was me.   I’m an individual.  I stand out.  It’s part of who I am.  I know that.   I fight that.  I feel guilty about that…..and yet….that flower…that single, white, rebel, gorgeous, fragrant flower reminded me that not all of us are meant to be a part of the group.   Ahhhh yes, nature.  The greatest teacher of all.

I always tell everyone to notice what you notice.  Because, if you notice…there is most likely a message there.

And…I noticed this morning.   Got out of my head…dropped back into my heart and reaffirmed my “BE-ing-ness”.

I’m who I am…different, outside of the box, a bit of a rebel (okay – a lot of a rebel), and yet, beautiful.  I’m unexpected – like the flower.

I can live with that….




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