Quiet time….

Dare to DreamI always thought quiet time was overrated.   After all, if I wasn’t doing at least 4 things at once, I was most likely sleeping.  And even when I slept, I have my notepad close, my phone close and my computer close, as well as a book or two.   Just in case I might wake up and need something to do.

And then – I sliced my tendon.   The first three weeks was a pretty novel experience.  Now – it sucks!   And I’m tired.  Really – like – TIRED!   I get up at 7-8…couple hours painting and/or computer work (or not) – lunch and then – Back to bed….   Geesh.   Up for a few hours….more mindless piddling (sometimes even doing laundry seems like too much to do) and then supper – a couple of hours horizontal on the sofa, and then back to bed.   GOOD GOD – did I feel guilty.   But, I have found that while I am back in bed, I am doing serious visioning.   I see paintings, I have ideas, I sketch, I dream, I create in my head and my heart.

I had an AHA today that gave me even MORE insight into the life of BEing an artist.   It’s okay to lay around (as long as it doesn’t become problematic!), ……for me.   I’ve realized it is part of my process.   It is just as essential for me to allow myself quiet time, as it is for me to be productive.

After all – I’ve done over 140 paintings so far this year, and have gotten into 5 new galleries.  I don’t think that sound like slacking to me.

And so – the Big AHA for the day is… Quiet Time, is good time….and essential time.   And, it helps to heal the body, mind and spirit….



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