As I continue on this path, this journey, following my chart, a number of “lessons” continue to pop up. Judgment, nasty as it is, frequently rears its ugly head. There are as many ways of judging as there are people in the world. Generally, as I have been observing, it comes from not really knowing what another’s path is, and projecting how I (or you) would behave in a similar circumstance. I know we are all human, but we are also all one. I catch myself (at least I CATCH myself now, before it was from rote) making comments once in a while…”I don’t understand how they can/can’t do that. If it were me, I would do X, Y and Z!” (Being the perfect being that I am!!!!) And so on and so on. We all do it, we’re all “guilty” of judgment. Recently, I have found myself the victim of judgment. And, it has to do with the almighty dollar….the “thing” that makes one “happy”. Not that I am rolling in the dough, but I am comfortable, and don’t go without meals. Comments have been made to me about how “easy” my life has been. “You are lucky.” (and, yes I am, and, for the financial security that is now in my life, I am grateful). But, I have been, and am being judged because of it. However, those that are on this path, and have financial security, still have lessons and challenges. Just because you are secure financially, does NOT guarantee happiness, peace and contentment. That only comes from within, regardless of circumstances. I had everything, for a while, that money could buy, and yet, I would consider suicide at least once a month. I lived in my own personal hell. I have chosen, deliberately, to not come from fear, but to come from love. That does NOT mean, that I am perfect, far from it. My children, have also fallen victim to this judgment. It is difficult to live in a small town in Western Kansas being a large fish in a small pond. I thought when I moved to Taos, this type of activity would subside somewhat….but, alas, it is still happening. A path, is a path, a journey is a journey, and my chart is MY chart, no one else’s. Now, I find, my lesson is to learn to look past those who judge, to have compassion for them, knowing that they have their own path. Knowing that “you cannot judge a book by its cover”, “judge not, lest ye be judged” and “Don’t judge a man, until you have walked a mile in his shoes.” Just because someone’s journey is different from yours, does not make their journey easier or harder. It just simply IS. So, my personal commitment to myself is to work on having compassion for another and their journey. I challenge each of you to the same.


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