Thirty Paintings in 30 Days – Day 1

  • Okay – so where to start?
  • Did I mention, I love what I do?

As I lie here in my bed, drinking my first cup of coffee, looking at Grandmother Mountain (Taos Mountain), I am contemplative about this undertaking I have chosen.   This past week has been incredulous.   I had written several goals for this year, and envisioned them, and the majority of them have already come to fruition.   I wanted 3 more galleries – or should I say – non-traditional spaces to showcase and merchandise my artwork, and no sooner had I decided it, I had two.  The third came as a delightful surprise in Eureka Springs, Arkansas in a stunning showcased home store owned by two beautiful men (more on them later)!   I wanted to share with people some of my beliefs on spirituality – and had an interview this week – – Check that off my list! And, although not a conscious goal, I had been meditating – a lot – asking Creator/Spirit, to show me what I was to “do” to best serve.   Viola’ – I have realized that I AM an artist, and that being an artist is so much more important that I thought it was.   As artists we bring in energy – gifts from “above” to share with all.   We allow collectors or patrons to get in touch with a past memory – that aids them in getting in touch with their emotions, their inner-child.   No longer do I believe that what I do is fluff – it is essential to the growth of the world.   I love what I do.

One Down, 29 to Go
One Down, 29 to Go

Today is the Dueling Paintbrushes event at Act 1 Gallery – a kick-off for my Thirty in 30 – a great, fun performance that I am doing with Peggy McGivern – but, is that really the first painting that I want to do for my undertaking – or do I want todo something less public – more reflective?   With the mood that I am in – I think it needs to be  done alone…………

And so, I am back, the ADD artist- went to make more coffee (first cup was cold), and did a small painting – Wee Ones #43 – (shiny objects – or as the t-shirt my family got for me one year that says “they say I’m ADD.  They don’t know what they’re talking about….Oh Look, A Chicken!!”).    Second cup of coffee is cold.   First painting of Thirty in 30 is done.  Still in my pajamas.   Did I mention, I love what I do.

Blessings to all,


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  1. Paula, I just came through the crisis of decision: i.e., is this (art) what I am supposed to be doing? Needless to say, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts about your own reevaluation of your path and the results. Thanks for sharing that.

    I came to the same conclusion: that I am on the right path, although, at this point, the reasons are still foggy to me. Just surrendering to what the universe tells me to do and rolling with it.

    Love your work! And your journey.

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