Mother’s Day – 17 down, 13 to go (paintings that is, not mother’s)

  • Word of the Day – Should – definition – must; ought (used to indicate duty, propriety, or expediency).

Tomorrow is Mother’s day….I completely forgot.  I have been so wrapped up in painting, painting, painting, that I don’t even remember what day it is.  Good thing/Bad thing.

Good thing –  I am doing the work that I came here to do – the work of spirit.   Channeling energy from above.  I lose time. I lose all sense of reality.  I lose space.  Heck – I lose my glasses! (only to find two pair on my head when I look in the mirror.)  I forget to eat, and then I eat two meals within a couple of hours.  I go outside in my yard and don’t recognize it.   I am happy….I don’t worry about what I look like, if my make-up is perfect (hell, if I even take the time to put it on!).  I wear my pajamas all day.  I listen to music, I sing, I laugh, I cry.   I’m happy…..I’m doing what I came here to do.  THIS is who I am.  I feel good when I am “being” who I am.  When I am marching to my own drummer, when I am in my own world.  Life is good…

Bad thing – I lose all sense of reality.  I didn’t get any mother’s day cards sent out.  I “should” have remembered.  Will I be judged?  Probably.  I’ll send one tomorrow.

Question posed to all that has come up for me because of my current situation…Do we “do” what we “should” do?   What society says we “should” do?  Is “should” a four-letter word?   Or is this a time when we are to be authentic and from integrity; doing what we know is right for us, coming from our hearts, dropping judgment, and loving all as we do ourselves.   Hell bells, isn’t it time we learn how to love ourselves.  In completely loving ourselves, we drop judgment against all.

God…is. We….are. We are all the God within. We are All One. Believe in and Love Yourself, and you will find judgment towards others drop away.

Let go of the “shoulds.”  Do what is right for you… yourself…..forgive yourself.  Just learn how to be.  Only then do you have yourself to give to others.



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  1. Paula,

    I love your blog, especially the Mother’s Day post!! It’s so true that when you’re really in the moment and doing what you love, time just passes by unnoticed. My new mantra is “be authentic, do what brings you joy”.


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