Nasty Woman/Sweet Soul

Or….Things aren’t always what they appear to be….until you look below the surface.

So, I had a “thing” happen yesterday.

I received a text from a woman who purchased one of my angels. She was adamant about having this particular angel…

“Angel here and I am most unhappy. One arm, no blue on her anywhere, and has a crystal hanging from her wing. Did you send me the wrong angel? We need to talk. This is unacceptable for $450!”

I’m pretty good about checking, double checking and frequently triple checking with my collectors before I ship. This one was no exception.

I asked her to send me a pic of what I shipped her, because, being human, I can and do make mistakes.

Same angel that she was adamant about having. And, also, wanted me to change the angel’s name just for her….at that point….my intuition told me that there could be an issue….don’t ask me why…it just did.

In my post on Facebook, I said, that although the wings looked blue because of the light reflecting off of them, that they were not.

She did have two arms….one was just next to her body. AND, the crystal was plainly clear on my post.

My “OMG, I have to make this person happy” kicked in. BIG TIME!!!

I offered to refund her money, minus shipping, and asked her to ship her back.


In the meantime, I was working through my minor panic attack with a friend. She reminded me, “Your vibration is higher….do NOT stoop to her level”.


She threatened to put it all over Facebook, which sent me into more panic.

I further communicated with her. Telling her that there must have been some sort of misunderstanding, and that I wanted to make it right with her, but yet, reminding her that there was absolutely no misrepresentation on my part. And apologizing for the fact that she was not happy.

Crickets and tree frogs.

I asked her how she would like to proceed.

This was her answer: There is NO proceed. I am done!!!

Well, alrighty then.

I sat outside for hours after that.

What was the lesson here? Because this sort of interaction ALWAYS contains a lesson.

It came. I heard my Dad’s voice: “Paula, there are some people that wouldn’t be happy even if they were buried in a gold coffin.”

Compassion kicked in….and, believe it or not…gratitude.

He’s right. I (You) just cannot make all people happy. Some are just here this lifetime to be a nasty woman/sweet soul contract. I gotta let that shit GO!!

I honor her for fulfilling that contract for me.

Grateful that I did not react and say things that I might regret. Grateful that instead I responded with grace and dignity. EXTREMELY grateful that I didn’t call her the name that was on the tip of my tongue, because I was triggered BIG TIME.

Things are not what they appear to be. Look below the surface before you react.

May We Walk Together As One.


The angel above is not the same one….This one is: Like the Phoenix: She Rises, and has one HELL of a story.

7 Responses to Nasty Woman/Sweet Soul

  1. I remember quite clearly that you said it was not a blue color but the sheen made it appear that way. The life of an artist! When i purchase from you i always like to send the picture to confirm we have the right one.
    You know from your account Im not quite sure what she wanted you to do? I thought you handled yourself very well and with dignity. By not getting on her level you remained attentive, compassionate, available for discussion but with boundaries. I think you and your angels just earned a star!

  2. There are some people you jus cannot please. They are not happy in this life without complaining about something..
    so please you didn’t revert to her level, you were/ are amazing.

  3. Paula, great response. Love leaving them with the responsibility of the solution they seek.
    <3 painting work that way as well. The lighting is most often different in their home than in a photo one is posting.
    Remember lighting can make a blue dress a gold dress! Lol
    Love u <3

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