On “Being” open….

The Healer
The Healer

…..to messages.   It’s a story.  I have lots.  This one, though, really needs to be shared…and so I’m listening to my intuition and putting it out there.

I’m trying something completely different.  Sculpting for me, is a totally different creative venue.  I’ve been in touch, really in touch, with my intuition, when it comes to what and who I am.  And, why I am here.   I knew I was supposed to start painting…and I did.   I felt the draw to do abstracts – and I have been.  I felt the need to start painting “beings” and followed down that path for a while.

And then….came a whole ‘nuther call….the call to give these “beings” form.   So those that were tactile and desired something actually physical (other than a painting) could have the complete experience.   Not knowing a frickin thing about sculpture…(and perhaps that was a GOOD thing), I tried.

THEY came alive.   It’s as though they were actually in the room with me whispering to me their messages.   “I’m The Healer”, said one.   “Make me a Redhead”, said another.   And yet another told me that she wanted to share the experience of dance and how freeing it was.   OK….I listened.   And I sculpted….and wrote down their messages.

I shared with a friend who had seen me painting “Beings” that they demanded form….she said…”Yes, and they all have messages”.   Ummmm….That for me was confirmation.

But, for me, it’s been scary.   To change direction and to put myself out there as an artist who channels in messages was scary for me.   I’ve always wanted to “fit in”.  And, these “Beings” were asking me to put myself out there.   To hear what others say, and not be affected by it.

I meditated.  I prayed.  And I asked the Beings themselves for signs.   After all, if they were truly bringing me messages, couldn’t they give me answers and show me signs?  One would think.   I tested that theory.

Show me…I asked.

Show me that this is the direction that I am supposed to go.  I pleaded…I begged…I cajoled.

They started coming in.

The first day after I asked, I drew a card from an oracle deck that I owned.



First sign.  Good news…they were listening and answering my prayers.  But, I needed more.   More begging.

The next day…


Ok….I needed ONE. MORE. SIGN.  After all, once you get two signs, most of the time you get three.  They just seem to come that way.

The third day.  Guide – DAMN….aren’t you beings listening to me?

The fourth day – Open….

Which reminded me to relax and actually be open to whatever was going to come in as confirmation.

AND…you know it….it came.

Not as a card being drawn from a deck…but I got an email from a man who had seen one of my paintings at one of my galleries, and he wanted to surprise his wife for Valentine’s day.

And what, do you suppose the name of the painting was?   Hope.

“Is that good enough for you?”, they asked.

YUP!   But, I’ll probably need more in the future.

“Ok….we understand that this is scary for you, and we’ll answer when you need us.  But, you have to follow YOUR intuition also.”

I’ll do that.   And I am.

Remember….be open….notice what you notice.  It’s important.   It may seem like mumbo jumbo…but there is so much unseen that we don’t understand.

It’s about knowing.

AND, “Being” OPEN.

Love ya



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