You are NOT alone….trust me.


So the other day I was discussing exactly what it means to me to “come out spiritually”…..and all of the emotion around it. Should I, shouldn’t I…and why the hell do I feel that it is so dang important…especially right now?     The only easy and quick answer I could come up with is that …..simply put….it’s time.    It’s time to share our experiences so we know we aren’t alone.  You are not alone with your experiences that make you feel crazier than a loon.

I’ll start by sharing a story – that to some may seem bizarre, or may have YOU believing that I am crazier than a loon!! (warning….seriously…you may think I’m off my rocker, but I encourage you to read all the way to the end.)

Shortly after I started my journey down this magical yellow brick road, I was dating a shaman.   He had been asked to come to the hospital to help a man who was dying along his journey.   I went along….just cuz.

It was clear he wasn’t going to be on this earthly plane much longer….and every time he stopped breathing….the family would say to him “Let go Daddy…you can go now”.  Which seemed to go on forever.

Until….I became aware of a presence next to me…  “Hey!”  I heard.  I looked around….there was no one there.   “Hey!” Then, I became aware of him.  “You see me.  I know it!”  No, I don’t.  “Yup!”  OKAY!  So I do.   “Will you do me a favor?” Generally, I’m not in the habit of saying no to spirits…  “Will you tell them I want to go when no one is here?”  Ok. I’ll do it.

Poof….he was gone.  And, I began to wonder if I’d imagined it…And…he came back…  “Please?”  Yes!  And then a vision was shown to me.   It was a crane, with a specific old pickup hanging below it and an American flag below that.

I contemplated how exactly to let then know what had just happened.    Would they believe me?  Would they think I was crazier than a loon.   It didn’t matter….I had to do it….and they said….ok….and left.   He crossed later that night after everyone had left.  Alone, in his chosen way. (duh – he said he wanted to be alone!)   I share with my shaman friend what the vision was that he had shown me.  He said to remember it…it would be important….

We went to the funeral – it was on a huge estate in Taos, NM…  TONS of people.   We drove and parked quite far away…and as we walked up I was hit…by the vision.   Right there in front of me was a firetruck – with its crane extended – and an American flag hanging off the end.  Below the bottom of the crane was parked (yup you can guess) – the old pickup that was in the vision.

Wow….So, I wasn’t loony…or crazy…or off my rocker.   At all…

The reason I share this with you is to let you know that I know many of us have these sort of stories…The kind of stories that when you repeat them, even YOU feel a little loony toons. (Ok…a LOT loony toons!)  Let alone what others may think.   But, we are not alone.

I encourage you to share…Here, if you want…you don’t have to state your name….   You can email me – [email protected] – You can message me on Facebook.

It’s time for us to realize that this is more common than we think.   It’s not the Salem witch trial thing (Oh…I know THAT strikes a chord with some of you)….   It really is more mainstream than you think.   All of us have synchronistic tales to tell, but we are afraid to tell them.

You are not alone….I assure you.

It’s time….to connect….like a web of light….circling the globe….it’s time.

You are NOT alone.

Love ya


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