Shoulds and Supposed to’s

Just a Bud - 8 x 8
Just a Bud

To me, “should” and “supposed to” are two total creativity downers. It will kill a creation faster than a cold shower will kill…well we all know what that will kill.    After all, those of us that are creatives, are just that…creative.   We aren’t here to follow the rules.  We are here to make the rules, to bring in the new ideas, to change the way people look at things.   We agreed to do this, (why, sometimes I ask) but we did.

Especially now….now more than ever, we are being asked to bring in new, fresh, interesting, thought-provoking, beautiful, colorful (in all ways!), happy, gorgeous, intriguing, messages and ideas that we are getting from our higher self (or Creator, or God, or the Universe or what ever phrase you use to denote a higher consciousness).   It may seem that all we are doing is playing, and perhaps you could look at it that way, but we are doing oh so much more.   We committed to this path. We committed to this incredible calling.  We committed to create. (or – another way to say it is we SHOULD be committed…..Just Kidding!!!).

All kidding aside….   When someone tells you what you “should” or “shouldn’t do” (trust me, everyone has their opinion, and doesn’t hesitate to speak their mind about what they think you “should” be painting), it’s hard as a creator to not take it personally and somedays more that others – it is easy to second guess one’s purpose when people always put in their two cents worth (which, by the way, is worth just that – two cents!).

So, what I am here to share with you is my latest AHA moment….   I realized I am here to create what I am being asked to create – what my inner genius is asking me…, begging me to create, no, demanding that I create. Sometimes it’s the animals, sometimes the abstracts……sometimes the angels…..and, they are already meant for the one who has already prayed for that message, that sign, that piece of art that they look at every morning when they are drinking coffee, that always makes them smile and get in touch with their higher self.

Bless those who tell you what you “should” do, and what you are “supposed” to do, for they are confused about what they are “supposed” to do, or “should” do…..which is why they focus on you rather than themselves.

Paint, Create, Sing, Dance, Feel joy, compassion and love.  Do it because you love the process…not because you need to make money….and the abundance will flow.

After all – we are doing “God’s” work.   We are doing our work.  The work of Spirit….

Whisperings of love,


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