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Fear….and releasing

I’ve been struggling.  With who I am and who others think I should be (which just puts my people pleasin’ tendencies into hyperdrive!!!)  Not a winning combo in my world. Perhaps I should go into more details…It’s my art.  Which, I guess in a way, is who I am. I have really been feeling the… Continue Reading

Angel of Many Colors

I’ve stated it before, and I continue to maintain it….I am a Pollyanna.  I don’t put my head in the sand, but I do believe that the power of love will change the world. That being said….I have an interesting story about how this painting “happened”.  One that made me realize that if we are… Continue Reading


We are all in the process of growth and change.  Always.  Life is change.  Even if you don’t change your beliefs, cellular change is always taking place.  It’s life. As you may or may not know (and may or may not care….lol) I just got back from a second shamanic journey.  Life changing.  Attitude altering. … Continue Reading

We are Light

WE ARE LIGHT I just got back from another pretty intense shamanic journey….I started down the dark, scary path that I went on the last night of my first journey….and I stopped!  Dead in my tracks. Hadn’t I been down this road of darkness, and despair already once? Hadn’t I wondered already once if I… Continue Reading

The World Falls Silent

All you can hear is the softness of the flakes as they float to the ground. You feel a sense of peace – like nothing you have ever known. It’s like being one with everything. You rest, as you know Mother Earth is now resting – both being wrapped in the downy softness of the… Continue Reading

Thoughts about “being” authentic

I wrote my last blog on Dec. 23rd…2013 (not 2012…although it feels like years since I have written ANYTHING!).  I shared with all of you about my “coming out spiritually”, and how scary it was…or is for me.  BUT, (and it’s a big one), since then my life has become even MORE magical.  Because I… Continue Reading

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