Today, I turn 60

Today, I turn 60

The BIG 6-0. Wow…..Hard to say….let alone contemplate what it means. Some say that it is the last third of your life…..AND, I plan to make it the BEST third. All day long I have vacillated between being teary, and being ecstatic.

Ten years ago, it was 50….(DUH!!) I was a totally different person then. I was deciding whether or not I wanted to be married. I was a Catholic, Republican, dentist’s wife living in a very small town in Western Kansas….I would not have described me as being happy at all.

Today – I would describe myself as happy. At peace. Content. A total creative. Woo-woo. Still a seeker. Always learning.

I’ve lived in Taos, NM, Eureka Springs, AR, Bentonville, AR, and now – in Bella Vista, AR, in the past 10 years….and learned that even though my heart (my children and my littles) is in AR….my soul will always reside in Taos.

I feel like I am finally rooted. Grounded. A completely different person.

With age comes wisdom. The wisdom to look at everything from a totally different perspective. I used to LOVE to play the victim. Wondering why things happened TO me.   Now, (most of the time) I look at these situations as learning opportunities. What makes ME tick, and what makes others tick. I look at it from a higher perspective. What can I learn from this situation? And is it worth worrying and/or being upset about?

I am learning to go with the flow more….realizing that the most incredible things happen when I believe, trust and let go of control.   It’s PFM (pure frickin magic!).

I have MUCH better boundaries than I used to.   I’ve learned that NO is not a dirty word, and that being a “nice” person, is not always the best alternative. I’ve learned to stick up for myself, rather than being taken advantage of.   I’ve learned that a kind word goes far. I’ve learned to be authentic. I’ve learned to laugh more. I’ve learned that things happen for a reason, even though I may not be aware of what it is at the time. I’ve learned that unanswered prayers are sometimes for my highest good.

I’ve learned to take risks….especially now….because if not now, then when??? I’m better at letting things happen, rather than MAKING them happen (it’s that control issue!!!)

I have the most incredible friends and family that any one could ever ask for. And that, if I need them, they are there for me.

And so, today, the beginning of my 60’s….I am reflective.

I am grateful.

I am happy.

I am ME.

May We Walk Together As One.

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  1. Happy happy birthday sweet lady…. girl….chick…. artist….badass….
    I hope your day was special!

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