What constitutes an “amazing experience”?

Is it making money?  Making connections?  All of the people that helped you along your journey?

Is it all of the above?

I have been on such a GUS (God, Universe, Spirit) journey this year.  It really started when I made the extremely conscious decision to let go of some old self-defeating patterns (i.e. – being a victim, seeing the hole rather than the donut, looking at myself as “less-than”, and HUGE control issues).

Then – the magic began.

I wanted to take a journey with Agnes and Ruby – but, I had no idea where to go.  I put it out on social media for input.  My gallery owner and his wife in Birmingham offered their lake home driveway to “camp” for as long as I chose.  It’s like GUS was starting a breadcrumb trail for me.

The first person I met – was Barry – A true creative, and the happiest person I have ever met in my life.  We shared philosophies every morning over coffee.  He taught me how to use a plasma cutter and welder…..I was and am SO HOOKED!!!   Something about creating Imperfectly Perfect Angel Fire Sculptures filled my soul.

The breadcrumb trail continued with a dear friend suggesting that I try going to market, after I stated that that I want more eyes on my Angels.

Less than a month until market – and I was in creation mode…..as well as selling a lot to my social media peeps.

I put together a quick booth, not really giving much thought to what was really important, and something that I knew nothing about….which was merchandising.

Every day while at market – another vendor would come by and give me very valuable tips on how to make my booth more pleasing….So grateful for all of the help!!!!   By the last day, I finally had people stopping at my booth to look (unfortunately – not to buy – but – hey – there are more important things – sometimes – than money)

I had many people helping me and giving me words of encouragement when there was absolutely NO ONE THERE, and I was freaking out!!!  Even the second day when a dear friend came to help me who has a huge sales background – and he was a bit concerned also!!!  For all of my friends, family and acquaintances, who were there for me…I am so grateful.  I probably would have broken my booth down and said to heck with it without you.

The breadcrumbs continued….I met Pam Williams from the Las Vegas Market…the real deal….confirmed by all of the other vendors….and she asked me to be in the Las Vegas Market….Yikes…REALLY????   After just doing an “unsuccessful” market in Dallas???

I have to try.

I’m not willing to give up yet.

Perhaps, the wholesale market is not “my thing”.  It is flooded with China made very cheap products.  Very few handcrafted items.

But, I HAVE to try at a market that is better attended to know for sure.

I posted that it was an amazing experience –  few assumed that an “amazing experience” meant sales were good.

They weren’t.

The connections and people willing to help was what was amazing.

I’m going to try again.

I LOVE these Perfectly Imperfect Angels.

They contain a huge part of my soul.

Maybe, it really is all about the journey.

So Many Blessings to you all,



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  1. I know someone has probably already mentioned this, but “juried” art shows are what I think your sculptures would be perfect for. They tend to be very selective about what they let in, and the clientele is much better.

    • I have done a couple…but, honestly, I don’t care for them…. I don’t know why…just intuition right now

  2. Paula, your angels are perfect!I am in a way fascinated by angels. I look for them everywhere. Keep doing what you are doing!

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