whispersI’ve been pondering lately….(which translates to being in my head rather than in my heart!)  I’ve been asked to do a pretty big show at Obelisk Home in Springfield, Mo…AND…the lovely young woman who is in charge of the media, etc etc…wrote me a couple of weeks ago asking me the name of the show, show statement, yada, yada, yada…by the end of June.

I know she needs this, and I so appreciate her giving me a lot of time, because, quite honestly, coming up with names and show statements is not my forte….painting is.

A few nights ago, I tried very hard to push it.  I was racking my brain for a name.  It WAS NOT COMING!!  And, so, sub-consciously, I let it go (actually – I was distracted by the Gulf of Mexico!).

And, I kept hearing Whispers.

Paint us like you feel us.


Paint us like you feel us.

That is how the messages come in.

They come in like Whispers.  Quiet.  I have to be quiet to hear them.  I have to be outta my head…and down into my heart.

And, I realized that I felt them like soft wings.  Peacefilled.  Downy.  Soft.  Happy.  Comfortable.  Blissful.  You get the picture.

At night when I sleep, I feel them wrap me in their wings.  It is as though, I am truly sleeping with the angels.

I started seeing feathers, and wings everywhere….Just wings…no beings.

One thing that I have learned during this trip down the Yellow Brick Road, on my journey to Oz (i.e…love of myself – because there is truly no place like home!), is to listen when I get messages.

I put on the music – lit a candle – and burned sage.

They came.  I could feel their wings brush softly against my cheek.

I painted.   And I slept with the painting.  (I know – weird!)

During the night, in my dreams, the message came….

We speak to you in Whispers, so that you will be quiet. 

We give you signs that we are present. 

A hummingbird. A shiny penny.  A cardinal.  A butterfly.  A song.

But, you have to be quiet enough to be aware of them.  You have to be quiet enough to listen.  Which is why we speak in Whispers.  Being quiet is good for your soul.  Being quiet and shutting out external distractions is a good thing.  You are taught to go and do.   You are actually made to feel guilty about being quiet, and doing nothing.  But, that is the time that the messages come in.   In the peace.  In the quiet.  When your head is not distracted by shiny objects. 

Then, it occurred to me.  The most magical time I ever had with someone, was during a beautiful spring day.  Light was filtering through the trees and a soft breeze was blowing.

Let’s go outside and just “be”, I suggested.

We did.

I remember hearing a lawnmower, the birds singing, the smell of fresh cut grass, the softness of the breeze, and seeing the spots of sunlight flickering on the deck.  No words were spoken.  No words were needed.

We were present.  Totally present.  I don’t even remember touching, but I remember feeling so connected.  Not just to him, but to the oneness that is.

Ahhhhhh…..there it is.

You DO listen little one.

I do.

When I’m quiet.

Much love to all,


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  1. Gosh… so powerful. I’ve become so great at living in my head. Tons of schooling, professional career, big office. I’m most happy when a bird fly’s up to my office window.
    I wonder if it is too late to be still, listen and hear my heart?

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