WTH? Part Two…LOL….(y’all knew it was coming!)

Message of Hope (20 x 30)I received an email and an unsubscribe this morning from a woman who used to baby-sit me as a child…  Her words:  Paula.  I agree with your Christian responder……I am not so versatile in thinking when it comes to religion.  I believe you are either WITH GOD or WITH your own loosey-goosey spiritual plan that you adjust to be what you WANT it to fit your lifestyle.

Which led to a very deep philosophical discussion with one in my inner circle.

This divide and conquer, I’m better than you, you are different than me and I won’t or can’t accept our differences HAS GOT TO QUIT!!!

Not once, have I ever said to someone that my way is THE WAY.  (I should clarify with this – only SINCE I started this journey – however, BEFORE I did, I have to admit – there was a ton of judgment on my part!)

I have been thankful for the Christian people who have posted on my page – I don’t see your art in my home, but, who am I to deny you the right to paint what you are being drawn to paint…etc etc….and all of the private messages saying basically the same thing.  These people are the ones that truly understand what it is to call yourself a Christian, and I am so very grateful.  We have agreed to disagree, and respect each other’s journeys, without being in judgment of those who are following THEIR calling.

This is what gives me faith in humanity.  Those who are able to walk their talk authentically and from integrity.

We are all in this together…we all have the choice to accept one another….or not….

BUT, I’m here to tell you, that until we start seeing our similarities, rather than our differences, NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE!!!

We go to war “in the name of God”.  We persecute people “in the name of God”.  Rather than seeing each other as human….

It is ludicrous.

Remember this people:

Smiles look the same….

Joy feels the same…..

Laughter sounds the same….

No matter




Or Religion.

Drop mic.

May we walk together as one.


PS – I am making a conscious decision not to respond to this email…I don’t feel the need to engage with her.  I know my path, (although, I have to admit – it hits my “I want to fit in and make everyone happy” wound, and therefore I need to explain to you my side…but….no….)

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  1. Dear Paula, This part of the journey is the most difficult and, possibly, the most necessary. Letting go is always challenging whether it’s things or people or ideas. We hurt, we cry, we grieve and we accept. To steal a line from Eat, Pray, Love – send them love and light and let them go. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. As a Christian, I am so sorry for the judgement you have received. I’ve walked with you over the past year and so enjoy your spiritual insights. I’ve shared my opinion in round 1. What appalls me is the scriptures not being applied. God is LOVE!!! Jesus accepted people where they were, (woman at the well, for 1 example). Loving others, seeing, and accepting them where they are is Christianity 101! As you judge others so shall you be judged! The Bible teaches that God hates the sin not the sinner. IF you want to judge someone else’s actions, thoughts, deeds, etc (no thank you) just realize you’re not loving the person and only focusing on what you perceive as wrong with them. I love your art and your insights!!!

    • Oh my dear. Bless you from my heart. Indeed…you are the ones I have the utmost respect for. You are walking your talk…as am I. And I honor you

  3. I think we can all share similar experiences with you Paula. My heart and soul go out to you. Keep walking YOUR journey as you are the ONLY ONE that knows the correct path to take!!

    Happy travels ( to all of us)
    Jane (Zimmerman) Owens

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