I’m wondering why????

Nothing to Hide (36 x 36)This “artistic” mind of mine is always going….seeking….curious….

I never know what I will decide to write and/or paint next.   I listen.  I cuss.  I get into a panic about whether or not I’ll ever paint again.  I worry about whether or not people will like me.   I wonder if people will “get me”.  A LOT.

I had a fabulous discussion this morning that got my thinker going again.  It’s one that used to come up for me a lot any time I posted something that I was afraid might be controversial.  I tried to stay in my safe little “don’t rock the boat” world.  Any time anyone unsubscribed from my email list, I spiraled down, down, DOWN.  “OMG….why don’t they like me?  I shouldn’t have written that!  You are just a loser, Paula.”

I would also do this when someone would reply to a post on my Facebook page and challenge my beliefs.   I would try to get them to see WHY I wrote and/or painted what I did.


My opinions, my beliefs, are just that….MINE.  I’m always open to thoughtful, conscious, respectful discussion about most things.  I don’t try to push my agenda on anyone, instead, I hope that what I write about lets others know that they are not alone.  When someone posts something contrary to what I believe, I ask questions….because I believe that understanding where someone is coming from leads to more compassion and love in this world.

However, when someone is downright hateful, and judgemental on my page, and I have made an attempt to understand their side, and they don’t feel the need to respond, I wonder – what makes that person make those sort of statements rather than scrolling on by?

Wouldn’t it just be easier to unfriend, unfollow, delete or block someone that you don’t agree with their opinion rather than taking valuable time writing all the reasons why the other person is wrong?

Social media allows people to say shit they would never say to someone’s face.  Examples of my own personal experience are this:  “Angels don’t have boobs…they would be better painted without them!” (To that I wanted to respond – “And how many angels have YOU seen?”)  “If you would give yourself to the Lord, I feel you would be so much happier”.  (Honestly, I am pretty dang happy in my little world.)

I don’t have my panties in a bunch over this….I’m just musing out loud.

May we walk together as one.


PS – Now, when I get an unsubscribe from my newsletter, I know that my message does not resonate with that person, and it makes me happy that they have chosen to not allow something into their life that isn’t authentic to them.

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  1. Aww Paula. You are a beautiful creative and spiritual soul. There are so many reasons people are so critical and negative. Mostly I feel is because they are miserable with themselves.

    We have all reached a point in life where we do not have to like or try to make those who can’t come from a place of love, Part of our lives.
    They don’t get it!!! They are not enlightened by spirit. They enjoy angry and judgement over acceptance and love.

    Keep sharing your gift of life and beauty with all who care. Delete those that are on a very negative, low vibrating path.

    In love and life

  2. Paula I love your spirit, your paintings and writings. I don’t always agree but I’m sure you wouldn’t agree with a lot of my beliefs. I am impressed with and admire your honesty and straightforward way. You are making a difference and I love that. Keep it going and know that there are many of us who are admirers and so inspired with your beautiful spirit. It would be a great loss if you stopped.

    • Annetta…I so agree…There are so many opinions and beliefs, and I believe that we can all learn from one another. I will never stop… Blessings to you dear one

  3. Why bother wondering so much Paula?

    I heard Oprah Winfrey say once that there was a time she used to take her nay sayers out to lunch, to try to convince them of her good intentions and explain why she did or said something. Then she just stopped.

    So many of us enjoy your paintings, art and musings… Love you! Gwen

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