……Or, as many of you know I would actually say WTF???

I posted a painting the other day from a new series that is asking to be created, around the Tarot.  Don’t ask me why I am painting these, because I don’t have a clear answer….yet….except I think that what happened may just be a part of the reason why.

This woman shared my post….accompanied by these words:

Honestly, I didn’t know that people would take the kind of time that it took her to write this, let alone take the time to criticize and try to bring someone else down, who is just listening to what Spirit, God, or whatever you believe in, is asking her to do.

I must have really touched some sort of nerve inside of her, one that she is questioning about her life, for her to be so nasty.

I shared the post with a friend who has spent years sifting through the dogma of his childhood, and this is what he had to say:

“My heart is forever changed by those that insist they’re right about everything.   They are the lost souls, no longer seeking.  They’re smug in their rightness.  Their beliefs become a big stick with which they try to beat the rest of us into spiritual submission.  If their faith was as powerful as they say, they’d never utter another critical word.  They’d let God or the Holy Spirit do the work.  Instead they’re so EEFN mixed up.  If the God of the universe is who they say HE is, what quarrel or criticism do they have with anyone?  It’s simple, but they can’t let it be.  They forget that the truth needs no defense.   You need not defend yourself beyond maybe just saying to that person, ‘bless you in your walk’. ”

I replied:  “I wanted to say on her post…thanks for the free publicity….but she blocked me.”

Him:  “HAH.  She just threw her grenade, then hid.  I rest my case.”


Very wise words.

It made me think.

What makes people want to divide and conquer us further?  Why are people so afraid of different ways of thinking?

I think it is FEAR.  Plain and simple.  Fear of the unknown, and unlike me – who was super curious – it causes people to become even more willing to put their heads in the sand.

Some, NOT ALL, of these super duper “christians” believe that their way is the only way….It’s a darkness within them, that they are afraid to face.  Because, what if everything they believed growing up, is no longer true?  What happens then?

I’ll tell you what I see.

If those that were raised a certain way, begin to question, then they will have to think outside of the box.  They will see possibilities, rather than stagnation.  They will begin to see what is behind the dogma of organized religion, and start to reject those teachings.  They will begin to see that it doesn’t take money to get into “heaven”.  They will begin to see that SOME of the teachings are meant to control, rather than for freedom, and compassion.  They will begin to see our similarities, rather than our differences.  They won’t be ruled by fear, but rather love.


I’m off to do more paintings..(or as some refer to it – the work of Satan…HA!)

May We Walk Together as One


PS….She just THOUGHT she was putting the fear of God into me…Obviously, she DOES NOT KNOW ME!!!!




4 Responses to WTH????

  1. Well first, I had to laugh, as I always do, when people talk about Satan as if “he” really is that cloven-hoofed red devil tempting us into evil-doing. It’s simply so far removed from MY reality and I feel sad that it’s still part of their and so many other’s reality. I don’t know if it is fear that drives people this fanatical so much as a need to have a righteous belief and then to feel GOOD when they can brow-beat others into sharing their beliefs. To me, it’s more about ego than fear? But that’s just my opinion. What a strange world we live in to have so many different beliefs alive in it!

  2. I totally agree with you Paula! It’s definitely fear. Their ego is afraid that if they think differently they can no longer be manipulated. I love what your friend said about them being lost and no longer seeking. Great description! And yes, I read A New Earth. One of my favorite books.

    • Thank you so much…..I had an interesting reaction to A New Earth….It scared the poop out of my ego. I had dreams of being strangled the night I read it. When I realized it was my ego….poof…away it went (at least temporarily…lol)

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