YOU are important

Yes, you.

The one reading this.

I know that this is stated adnauseum, but, you are the only you that there is.  A part of an intricately woven fabric of golden light.  Everything, and everyone has a role.

It is essential that we all accept our uniqueness.  Celebrate it.  Flaunt it.  Or don’t.  Whatever makes YOU comfortable.  But, be you.

Stop beating yourself up for your past “mistakes” (HATE that word – I prefer to call them learning experiences!), and move forward.  NO ONE can do it better than me…honest…however, today is the day that I start fresh.  And, so can you.

Learn and adjust your sails.

Let go and let GUS (or God).

After all, we are all only spiritual beings having a human experiences, and we forgot everything we knew when we agreed to come here.


You Have the Power (20 x 20)
You Have the Power – Contains crystal powder to enhance the energy. This one has Amber….which is good for purification.
HUMAN ( 24 x 24)
Human –  Red, black, white, yellow or brown…I am human, and deserve compassion. Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Islam, Buddhist, Indiginous, or Spiritual …I am human, and deserve tolerance. Cat lover, dog lover, horse, bird or amphibian lover…I am human, and deserve to be happy. Gay, straight, lesbian, or transgender….I am human, and deserve to love who I choose. I am human…. I am love. May we walk together as one

And, so, today, I am offering HUMAN – And – You Have the Power at very attractive prices….so that we all can be reminded to give ourselves grace, compassion and love…..only YOU have the power!!!








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Blessings to all of you on this journey…

May We Walk Together As One.   (And cut ourselves and others some slack, Jack!!!)  (AND, I hope I have the kinks on this shopping cart worked out!!!)





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  1. These pieces are absolutely beautiful they remind me of my walk everyday. Thank you for such beautiful art and beautiful words.

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