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Becoming Visible

I cried when I painted this.  Actually, that is a lie….I sobbed.   She may or may not be a “work of art”, but, her message to me, and to others is powerful. She appears to be taking shape.  Slowly.  Through the mist she is gradually appearing.  She is finding herself.  Becoming herself.  Allowing others to…Continue Reading

The Face of Fear

I had a bad day yesterday. It happens. This one, however, was particularly life changing. It was one of those “I know why he cut off his ear”, and “I’ll never be an artist” days.  No ideas floating in my head.  No niggling messages to paint.  No desire to paint anything.  Music didn’t help.  Walking…Continue Reading


There are times in everyone’s life when they question.  Everything.  There are times of fear and despair.  There are just times when you question. For me, I know (now) that these are times to go within and be introspective.  Time to paint.  Time to be good to myself.   Time to work things out in my…Continue Reading

Fear….and releasing

I’ve been struggling.  With who I am and who others think I should be (which just puts my people pleasin’ tendencies into hyperdrive!!!)  Not a winning combo in my world. Perhaps I should go into more details…It’s my art.  Which, I guess in a way, is who I am. I have really been feeling the…Continue Reading

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