Comforting the Disturbed….

…..and disturbing the comfortable.

It’s not for the faint of heart.  It’s a special calling for a few artists whose soul and higher self begs for them to create art along with messages that are controversial.

And particularly challenging for those artists who are susceptible and worry about what others think, because of their wounding, and life’s lessons.  And, for those who were raised very “traditionally”, it presents a whole other plethora of issues.

All I can present is MY story – but I think that many other artists are in the boat with me.

Making pretty “acceptable” art is fun – and there is always a place for this…But, I KNOW that some of you are being called to bring in messages…and it’s scary.

I started traditionally – cows, sheep, roosters, pigs – fun and delightful, and near and dear to my soul.

And then, IT started.

It began with a message from a very well known artist – “Don’t let galleries pigeon-hole you.  Don’t paint for them.  It will stifle your creativity – the messages you are to bring through.”

Abstraction started – followed by “beings and angels” – and then – the messages became as important as the paintings.

I HAVE to paint these.

It has become even clearer to me after these past three months of intense introspection and lessons.  I know that many of us are going through the eye of the needle right now – with Spirit/God asking us if we are truly committed to the path that we chose.  It is taking HUGE amounts of courage, dedication, and shedding to get to where we are – and I applaud each an every one of you for NOT FOLLOWING THE M(ASSES)!!!

Creatives – all creatives – that are authentic to their paths, are the ones that are bringing in the new consciousness – the change that is needed.  We bring in questions – we bring in light – we bring in joy and love.

One of my latest paintings is a great example of listening to my knowing – being petrified to put it out there – and doing it anyway:

It’s called Faces in the Crowd – and here is the message:



A message about society.

About the way so many walk around like zombies.

Willing to follow the masses.

Not questioning, or thinking for themselves.

Becoming empty, because they fill themselves up with things, and busy themselves with jobs that they don’t care about….

Not finding time to play.

Look at the sky.




Just finding time to BE.

Instead they try to keep up with the Jones’…(no pun intended).

Losing themselves in the Crowd, rather than standing out, because they have been taught that standing out is a “bad” thing.

How will YOU stand out today?

May we walk together as one.

I KNOW that this painting “disturbed the comfortable”, because someone commented : “Me no like”.  Six months ago, I would have deleted my post.  I would have been totally embarrassed to have posted something that someone didn’t like.   Three months ago I would have deleted her comment.  Yesterday, I said, “Good.  It’s meant to disturb!”  And I meant it.
Does it scare the shit out of me to put these messages, these paintings out there???   Hell YES!!!!  Will I continue to do it?  Of course.
It’s time to wake up.  It’s time to be authentic.  It’s time to shine our collective light.  We have all become numb to stuff that we wouldn’t have put up with 10 years ago.  We are numbed and dumbed.
So – here is to all of you who feel the calling and are scared to death and do it anyway.
May we walk together as one.

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  1. Thank you,Paula… Thank you..I’m am a soul,who was unrestrained many years ago…then life..a controlling man,outside judgement, ,and internal fear of that judgement took over my abilities. I was paralyzed, and unable to paint. 10 mabey12 years has gone by..
    I’m not sure when my mind …went silent and black. But I know my heart died. And the trained talent I had disappeared. I was good.. And I can explain to another soul proper technique, And form. Brushes, strokes, and stretching your own canvas. …but somehow… I stand in front of my canvas… Knowing that I have nothing else to give..and know one to inspire.. No light in my mind, and the best part of what I was, I just gave it away…I mix colors with out care…and texture is an excuse for me to keep layering on top of great schetches, just to end up hating myself for how much emptiness I have, after all passion for the Art is why those who do it, will do whatever they need to do to afford the exorbitant amounts of money needed for supplies.. And would rather have cheap wine to drink while they paint with a new $90.00 dollar feathering brush by candlelight if they really are dedicated.. Thanks NEA you guys are so one cares right.. About paint…anymore..right? People take pictures…for money. They paint for pleasure?? But I can barely make out the form of the conversation about Art, anymore.. I can’t even talk about it.. People fall asleep if you talk about art. But I do remember that it is something that needs to be seen, it cannot be relayed by anyone. But when they look at the end result.. A little flash of pleasure, sometimes pain, sometimes disgust even a slight reaction can be seen in the eye of the viewer. Conversation is not necessary. Warranted Mabey…constructive.. Never. Only to the painter is the opportunity to repeat your experiences with no real concern for how another feels about you or your talent. Or if they even think you are talented..Then You hope most are determining whether you have anything to say…but most seem more interested in the swirls of paint that match the curtains, or sete’ they just bought for the living room they are remodeling. So in which case.. You probley are making bookooes of catalog money, and your passion is not necessary for the overall health and well-being of the unrealistic expectations of an artist who’s ligitamcacy has yet to be determined by the higher education of editors, and piblicist for magazine layouts, of tv shows…, and of course a good many people who have been in the right place screwing with the right people at the right time…I commend you..for the best lesson in my life..that we will do Anything to be considered “A real Artist” . even if it kills us..most of the time I should be able to recognize the best part of what I was, as an artist, I just couldn’t find the valve to turn off the personality flaw that kept trying to please everyone. I just forgot I had to tune out the opinions, and turn up the volume of my music was visual…and I let someone say to me ..”painting is not your thing” …yep.. Let that sink in… I was making money..I was doing my passion.. Regularly..and yet I allowed a man who clearly had nothing to contribute to the development of my life at the time…to change my course… Poor choice. Because I did not believe in Myself. How did that happen? Poor choice indeed….but not as bad as marrying him…needless to say I painted 3 times in my 10 year marriage.. Even for him..his family’s business store. A restaurant, And my sons room.. All beautifully designed. Oh and one abstract fiqurtive painting ..of him.
    Which he scoffed at and asked I take it down. Everyone loved it.. Captured him perfectly..I ended up giving it away..we separated within 7 months of doing that portrait. So I’m just going to let this be the last time I tell this tale..I was Dead to the Art.. And it dead to me.. Until the one break through piece I did in january 2017..the only one I could defiantly visually devour over and 11 years…so thank you for this article. It is what I could not articulate with my mind still in a paralyzed state. I know you have to be exhausted from the rush in expressing feelings that put a light in the hearts of those like me. I think it must be like a musician who doesn’t succeed in becoming a rockstar. But I wanted to share with you too. I appreciate what you have written is Art in its own right. Thank you.. I’m gonna go make tea.. Find some brushes…or crayons or anything I can make media out of…and let my intentions be misunderstood by everyone.. Because I was just about to shut down the judgements, and open my mind to the best part of what I was, and stop punishing myself for ever letting someone convince me that I had nothing to give to the world. Mabey not the world, but for now, I can start over with just “ME”. You all can come to if want.

    • I applaud you that you are reconnecting to your voice. I am never exhausted when paintings and writings come from spirit…

  2. you are spot on when you state it takes great courage to be authentic! only the brave enlightened souls will move mountains to embrace the changes which are inevitable in their lives. so grateful to be walking alongside you and embracing who we truly are to become. It’s not the pace that counts, but the action we are willing to put forth in moving towards our freedom and true selves. I appreciate your magikal insight in your art and it’s beauty. Keep on creating and speaking your truth!

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