I’m falling in love….

With myself…actually…not really, but, kinda….This post is REALLY about falling in love with my creative process all over again. Which, for me, translates into falling in love with myself…in a way. The creative process is who I am…

I’ve been asking myself “WHY LANDSCAPES?”. Most of the time when I paint, I know my motivation. My angels are always messages from GUS (God, Universe, Spirit – non-denominational – I prefer it that way!!!). Same with my Shamanic/Visionary paintings. My abstracts are a sort of a color, and movement language from across the Universes.


For the past few weeks they have been pouring out of me. So much so, that I am painting over older paintings that have not sold, because I LOVE the depth that it adds to the painting.

Even though, I had no idea what my motivation was.

The process has been something totally different for me. I start more with a feeling, rather than an idea. I’m letting my heart and soul paint these creations. I love working with texture, and blending and utilizing totally different color combinations that I rarely use, has me in a place that I rarely go. Subtraction becomes just as important as addition.

I’ve always had a sort of a “formula” when I paint. Most artists do. I know what colors looks good together, and how to mix paint to achieve the look that I am trying to portray. But, this is “off the charts” different for me.


The answer came yesterday.

I had a Reiki session on the 10th. Full moon and eclipse in Cancer. I knew it would be powerful….being a Cancer and all. Usually, I try to figure out what the session brought in for me right away. But, this time, I just waited. And, quite honestly, forgot about the “what”.

I just painted.

While painting last night, one of the songs came on that was playing during my session. I had been asking (cuz, I’m kind of a pain with my guides like that) WHY LANDSCAPES???

The answer came in loud and clear.

“You paint sacred spaces, little one. Sacred spaces like the grove of cedars that was behind your grandparents house where you used to spend hours playing with the fairies, and elves. Sacred spaces, like the huge majestic cottonwoods that you walked among while your mother was dying. Sacred spaces like the row of hedge ball trees. Sacred spaces like the group of elm trees that grew close to a secret spring that only you knew about.”

I sat for a moment and took it all in. I knew it was something about grounding, but, I had no idea how deep it was.

All of these paintings that I am creating are filled with mystery. Dream time. Peace. Hope. Harmony. And Momma Earth.

It’s no wonder that so many are resonating with these paintings….because they resonate with me….

May We Walk Together as One.


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