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I Choose….LOVE.

It seems so often that we are all asked to be the same.   Oh sure, “they” tell you that being different is great, but, then you go to school and conformity is the name of the game.  At least where I grew up.  Maybe those were restrictions that I put on myself – but I… Continue Reading

Angel of Many Colors

I’ve stated it before, and I continue to maintain it….I am a Pollyanna.  I don’t put my head in the sand, but I do believe that the power of love will change the world. That being said….I have an interesting story about how this painting “happened”.  One that made me realize that if we are… Continue Reading

We are Light

WE ARE LIGHT I just got back from another pretty intense shamanic journey….I started down the dark, scary path that I went on the last night of my first journey….and I stopped!  Dead in my tracks. Hadn’t I been down this road of darkness, and despair already once? Hadn’t I wondered already once if I… Continue Reading

She is Me….

…I am her…..you are me…We are all one. Her energy is increasing daily.  She is becoming more rooted, more aware of the changes within her, within them, within Gaia. She feels everything and has her shield of protection. She is elegant and filled with Grace, Compassion, Light, and Love I haven’t painted much the past… Continue Reading

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