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Who the heck is this GUS dude that I keep talking about?

Powerful (20 x 20)

And why do I think he is so dang important???

There is something that continually comes up for me with the work that I do.  I tend to be a bit edgy, and don’t believe everything I was taught as a child and younger adult.

My life started changing when I started listening to Abraham-Hicks – and realizing that there was much more to life than I “knew” growing up.

I became a major seeker…for MY truth.  For what felt right to me.

One of the things that I discovered was that I didn’t necessarily believe in God as a separate entity.  I found that I believed that we were the higher power.  Our higher consciousness.

What I believe is not so different in what many others believe.  We all refer to it in different ways.  Some call it God.  Some call it the Universe.  And some allude to it as Spirit.

GUS was born, basically because I’m lazy and got tired of writing God Universe Spirit, so I made an acronym.

I feel like we all, for the most part, believe in something that we can’t prove.   It’s called faith.  That with prayer, positive thinking, or repeating positive mantras we can create our own reality.

Even though this is MY belief, I feel it is important to honor and respect every way of thinking.  After all, isn’t that what makes the world so wonderful?  If we were all alike, it would be so damn boring!!!   It’s our uniqueness that makes the world go around.  It’s following our passion, and being authentic to who we are that brings in new ways of thinking.

What I DON’T understand are those that are so closed minded that they want us all to think alike and condemn those who do not believe as they do.

We came here to be uniquely us.  To learn how to love one another and to celebrate differences.  To open up our minds and our hearts.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  We agreed to do this.  We are the lucky ones.  The ones who get to feel emotion…touch….and love…

Now is the time for those of us who are on a spiritual path to speak up.  You never know when a seed that you plant will take root.   Have no attachment….no judgement….and know that everything is exactly as it should be.


May We Walk Together As One



How do you know if they are “real”?

I Give Them Voices (24 x 24)
                   I Give Them Voices

The messages?  How do you know if they are indeed “real”?  That they are from God, Spirit, your guides or whatever you believe in?  And, when it is coming from your head?

Sundays seem to be my days to ponder those sort of questions….It’s something I have been mulling around in my head and heart the past few days.

This is MY answer.  The way that I know that the messages I receive are authentic.

I dated a shaman for three years.  I accompanied him a lot on his healing journeys.  There was a man that was in the process of “crossing over” (Or however you want to say it), and he (the shaman) asked me to participate in helping the man make his journey in a good, and peaceful way.  “Larry” was breathing in a way, that let us all know that he was close.  When he would stop taking breaths, everyone would say – be at peace, etc etc.   I was an observer.  I knew no one present, except for the shaman.

Before I knew it, I felt a presence next to me.


omg – wtf?????


lord god – seriously???

“Will you tell them that I want to do this in my own way, my own time, without anyone present?”

what does one say to that sort of request?



I promise.

I waited.

Because, well, I wasn’t sure.  Did he really ask me to communicate with his family?  And, I was afraid to make a fool of myself.


lord god, he was back.

“You promised.”

He showed me a crane, with an old antique green truck hanging from the crane with an American Flag below it.

And then, he was gone.

Deep breath.

“Was ‘Larry’ the sort of guy that did things on his own time?”


I gave them the message.

Everyone left.

I told my friend what he showed me.

He died that night…all alone….just like he wanted it.

We went to the funeral….on a huge estate in Taos.

After finding a parking place, we walked to the well manicured very expansive lawn where the service was being held.

I stopped dead in my tracks.

I couldn’t breathe.

I looked at my friend – and he said – very quietly – “I was wondering when you would see it.”

On the lawn was a firetruck.

With the ladder extended.

With a flag hanging from the top.

And down below – the pickup.  Same color, same make and model that “Larry” had showed me.

Any time, I receive the messages, they come in the same way.  Not really in my mind, although, of course, it has to be used to process it into words.  It’s a feeling – a knowing – intuition.

It’s deeper and higher, everything and nothing.   It’s the space between the seconds.  When I doubt – they give me confirmation – a phone call from a friend – talking about parts of my message.  A meme posted on social media. A critter who’s totem message is similar to the one I received.

Oh sure, I go back into my head  – I’m human, after all…But, for the most part, I have faith.

You see, I’m not so different from those who are religious – they have faith – faith in something bigger than themselves.

May we walk together as one.






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