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The Blues

They come.  They go.  The blues.  Sometime with varying degrees of intensity.   I know that it’s normal.   I used to RUN away from the blues.  Or waller in it.  All great techniques of avoidance. I’ve learned more about myself in the past month, because I have chosen consciously to face myself.   My demons.  My little… Continue Reading

She is Me….

…I am her…..you are me…We are all one. Her energy is increasing daily.  She is becoming more rooted, more aware of the changes within her, within them, within Gaia. She feels everything and has her shield of protection. She is elegant and filled with Grace, Compassion, Light, and Love I haven’t painted much the past… Continue Reading

What to do…..

…..when you feel like you are being guided to paint something that is almost unexplainable even to you?   How do you translate that to canvas?  And, how do you explain it to those who are asking for an explanation? I started painting “beings” a year or so ago….but, they were unfinished.  Kinda raw and tattered.  … Continue Reading

The Never Ending Search for love

I am addicted to love.   The thought of love anyway.  I’m not sure I’m addicted to love.   Maybe I am.  At least the search for love.  The thought of love.  But, I don’t think I really know what love really is.   I don’t think I’ve ever really BEEN IN LOVE.  Seriously.  I was married for… Continue Reading

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