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Natural Lessons

I’ve been walking.  A lot.  Every morning.  At least two miles.  Over the river and through the woods, so to speak.  Through neighborhoods, and along country roads.  Which means, as you know, that I have to get dressed super early.   A feat in itself, as most of you know me to stay in my pajamas… Continue Reading

Love is all there is

And Forgiveness.  Love and Forgiveness.   It sounds so simple and simplistic…and yet, the most complicated thing in the world.   I state frequently, (so often that those who are close to me probably get tired of hearing it) that I am a Pollyanna, a Dorothy from Kansas, a Forest Gump, and I BELIEVE at… Continue Reading

What the world needs now…

…..is love…sweet love.   It’s the pollyanna.   She comes out continuously.  I keep trying to stuff her back in, but she keeps coming out.  So, I suppose that rather than continuing to ignore her (obviously she is a huge part of me), that I am going to encourage her to speak her mind, give… Continue Reading

Sometimes, it’s just a chihuahua…..

…….and not a demon, or a dragon. Interesting topic… And where oh where is THIS one going?   Hmmmm…  Always fun to find out how Paula’s brain actually works.  Or not.   But….here goes. I was talking to a friend this morning who is going through the most challenging time of her whole life.  Very challenging.  But,… Continue Reading

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