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Saying “I do”

Saying “I do” to a spiritual journey is one of the most rewarding and challenging decisions one can ever make.  It opens you up to all of your wounds and patterns that have not served you well, and causes you to look deep within and dig up old “ick” that, quite honestly, is very painful.… Continue Reading

I know I have said this before….

….but, I still believe (because I am a Pollyanna – hey it’s my job!!) that LOVE is the answer. Yesterday was an “interesting” day.  Emotions ran high.  I had friends who were in tears, angry, in disbelief, shocked and numb about our latest election results. And sad.  An overwhelming sadness.  How could we elect a… Continue Reading

Becoming Visible

I cried when I painted this.  Actually, that is a lie….I sobbed.   She may or may not be a “work of art”, but, her message to me, and to others is powerful. She appears to be taking shape.  Slowly.  Through the mist she is gradually appearing.  She is finding herself.  Becoming herself.  Allowing others to… Continue Reading

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