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Rising into Obscurity

**** WARNING****   This blog contains strong language and opinions that are mine – and mine alone – but, I think many others will relate.

What happened in Charlottesville made me realize that it is time to step up and speak out.  Really scary for me, because, I have always been a people pleaser, and my opinions were rarely my own.   I borrowed them from others.

I’ve always been fascinated with everything Native American.  And, have been blessed to have been able to learn about their culture by participating in ceremonies, and through long talks and time spent listening to their history – the good, the bad and the ugly.

I believe that they are the Earth Keepers.  The ones who will lead us back to honoring Mother Earth – and ultimately to love.

This comment made by David Duke – “We’re gonna fulfill the promises of Donald Trump. That’s what we’ve believed in, that’s why we voted for Donald Trump because he said he’s gonna take our country back – and that’s what we gotta do.”, was a sign from Spirit that it is time to speak my mind on this subject.  Seriously, WTF???

Make America Great Again….

Make it great, like it was when we came to this continent and stole land from the indigenous people?

Make it great, like it was when we gave them blankets infected with the small pox virus?

Make it great, like it was when we gave them the Badlands in South Dakota, and then discovered gold, and took it back?

Make it great, like it was when we came here and made them choose Christian names, and choose a religion?  When we pulled them from their families and their ways of life, and made them attend boarding schools?

Make it great, like it was when we told them that they could no longer practicing their own religious ceremonies?

Make it great, like it was when we slaughtered them at Wounded Knee?  When we slaughtered more of them, then were killed during the Holocaust? And then, taught in our history classes that we HAD to kill them, because they were savages?

Make it great, like it was when commerce (big oil) won out at Standing Rock and a pipeline went through their land and drinking water?

The nations are even dividing amongst themselves,  part of them feeling the need to fit into the world the way it is, and the brave, courageous ones, speaking out for the Earth.  And ultimately, for us – because if the Earth dies – where will we be?  We can’t drink or eat money.

What gives those of us who are white, and supposedly christian, the right to tell others what to do, based on the color of our skin?

What happened to “Love one another as you love yourself”?

I believe that this is happening for us to wake up.   To see the darkness that was there all along, but hiding.  Trump’s rhetoric, his bigotry, and his “bigly” narcissistic behavior is “unpresidented” (LOL!!!)

However, I believe he is fulfilling his soul contract.  That he serves a purpose.  Initially, it appears that he is about dividing all of us, but, I believe something good – no GREAT – will come out of this.  I believe it has to be this extreme to really wake all of us up to what is important – and people….it’s not money!!!

I believe that there is a much bigger, cosmic plan in all of what is happening now.   I believe that it is debriding lifetimes of wounds, and allowing us to realize what is truly important.

Change, BIG change is coming, and those of us that are aware, are being asked to step into who we are in a bigger way than we thought or think that we can.

I’m here in Monument Valley, where the Monuments, the sacred land, is screaming to me – Stand Strong – Weather the storms – and, it’s time to step up, and speak up.

I’m not an activist, in the pure sense of the word, but, I am here to be who I am.  An artist who receives and has agreed to share messages that I receive.

Remember this…

Smiles look the same….

Joy feels the same…..

Laughter sounds the same….

No matter




Or Religion.

May we walk together as one.


Finding Herself…

FInding Herself
FInding Herself

….And all because she chose to take the path less traveled….

As many of you know, (and you may get tired of hearing about it), going to Standing Rock to help protect the water and the earth, changed and affected me in a profound manner.   I knew something was there for me, and I knew it would alter and challenge my existence, I just didn’t know how.

I DO KNOW, however, that committing to a spiritual path will make you, at times, feel as though you are being broken into a million pieces, to let the light in…

I can feel that the world is getting ready to make a conscious shift.  There will definitely be some darkness that will come out (and is already), and those of us that have chosen to be the light bearers are being tested and asked to grow in ways we never thought possible.   At times, it feels like we are being ripped apart.  To get rid of the gunk, the stuff we have buried so deep, the stuff that wakes us up at night in total fear.

My deepest knowing is that this is an essential part of the changes that are coming.

I have two big fears – one is having enough money to live on as an artist, and the other is being alone. (Well, actually three – I always worry about what others think about me!)

I have had a dream for many, many years…  I want badly to be able to follow the whale migration down the Western Coast of the United States, and paint my way down the coast.  In a camper….but, in a bigger one than Candy Scamper Camper.

After the election, (and because of all of the uncertainty) I made a conscious decision – to take some of my savings and buy a rig to go on the road.  I’m not getting any younger – and – I’m tired of waiting for someone to do it with!!!!   TWO OF MY BIGGEST FEARS out in the open.

First order of business to find a big enough truck to tow what I want to tow – (and, Spirit, could she please have a fifth wheel hitch, extending mirrors, extra towing package AND low miles???)  White Pony (and/or Blanca Badass – Thank you Brooke Tatum), showed up.  The rapidity at how fast everything was happening was almost mind blowing.


Enter in Chloe – a 32 foot Montana Mountaineer – complete with a winter package – a washer/dryer combo – a cheesy electric fireplace (not on my list – but – OH SO WELCOME!), a great area to use as a studio (complete with TONS OF STORAGE) – AND a bathtub!!!!  Not a big one, but, I can lie down in (although I still haven’t quite figured out what to do with my legs when I do that!), and soak when I need to.

I decided to camp at a campground VERY close to my home in Bella Vista, AR….The space they gave me was #53 – a sign from my Mom who died on May 3rd – the year I turned 53.  She always has a way of letting me know when she supports my decisions!!!

And, if that wasn’t enough, a friend (Thank you Sheri Esarte for listening to YOUR intuition) painted a painting of a Red Horse (my given Navajo name), on the day of the full moon that I received my name.  She also gifted me with an arrowhead.  I was also gifted that day with a key chain that had an Indian face, arrowhead, and an eagle (my totem animal) on it, along with a piece of turquoise.

I’m on my virgin journey with her right now –  I followed my intuition (and the signs) and headed to Gallup, NM to paint, write and visit parts of the Navajo (Diné) reservation that have been calling to me since I first visited Shiprock many years ago to participate in Sundance Ceremony.  I don’t know why yet, I just know I am supposed to be here.  (And they TRIED to give me space #53 – except it didn’t have 50 AMP service!  THANKS MOM, for letting me know that this is the right decision!!!).

I’ve been painting.  And writing.  Amazed at what is coming through me.  I start a painting, and just let the messages flow through me.   I disappear.  The signs keep coming.  I know I am where I am supposed to be, and I’m good with that.  I don’t know WHY I’m here, yet, but, I’m sure that will be revealed IF I can be patient enough!!!

Finding Herself is the second painting I have done since arriving in Gallup.  I planned on painting something else, but THEY (the muses and guides) would have nothing to do with what “I” wanted.

Her message was channeled in by my friend Sara Burch – “Be as you are….marvel in your uniqueness, and transcend to your greatness!”

A clear message for all of us.  ALL OF US!!!   We are all here to be uniquely us.  Who we chose to be this lifetime.

Yup, life is good.  If I can just stop fighting myself.

Blessings to all,

Red Horse (aka Lii Łichíí)




Battle won….

….but the “war” continues. I rolled over at 3 AM to this text from a wise man whom I greatly respect regarding the “battle” at Standing Rock. “Not one prayer, but collective prayers, are the true miracle of #nodapl.” ….I smiled, knowing it is true, and tried to go back to sleep, but, my guides,… Continue Reading

Connections and Healings come from the oddest places.

Thanksgiving was very different this year.  Energetically completely off the charts.  It started out the same as it has in years past, with many of the main characters present.  But, the energy was a far cry from what it normally is. Let me set the stage. My son-in-laws parents are very different from me.  Not… Continue Reading

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